Why Video Games Are Good For Your Kids

Most parents tolerate video games now days because they feel like they have to, but deep down they don’t want to allow them. They know video games are fun for their children, but they feel that they are a complete waste of time. Playing video games has become a significant part of a person’s childhood in today’s world. In this article, we are going to give you multiple reasons as to why video games are actually good for the youth! Of course anything that isn’t in moderation can be unhealthy, but when played for around an hour a day, video games have many benefits.

1. Teaches Problem Solving Skills and Creativity. One of the guys who works for us said his son who is in his early twenties was inspired by a video game to open up a limo company in Vancouver Washington. The game he was playing definitely helped him be more creative and think outside the box. Today, his company is one of the top competitors in his area.

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Why The Wii Is The Most Family Friendly

Hardcore gamers often prefer the computer, the PS4 or the Xbox One over anything else. Well we are here to tell you that the Wii is the best console for family gaming. The Wii U having just recently been released is also a great console for families. It has HD support and will have a larger game library, but the gameplay is more complicated. Anyways, back to the Wii. There are several reasons Y3 Zone claims that the Nintendo Wii is the best video game console for the entire family. Here are a few.

1. The Wii is interactive! Adults and parents generally don’t want to sit and just move their thumbs while staring at a screen. The fact that the Wii allows its users to stand up and move their entire bodies to play a game is intriguing, different and unique. Since it is more simple and interactive adults are more drawn to it than any other console. This story is completely true no exaggeration. One day my staff and I were taking a lunch break playing the Wii. There was a man in his mid fifties washing the windows for the building we lease. He saw us playing the Wii, walked inside and asked “Hey could I play, I love the Wii.” Of course we all said yes since we love to game with just about anyone (we are nerdy like that). He was actually really good and it turned out he played with his kids all the time. How funny is that! It just goes to show, the Wii is for everyone. This was several years ago and believe it or not, to this day I am still friends with this guy. So shout out to you Dave, thanks again for barging in that one day, you did on awesome job on those windows as well! Click here if you want to see this man’s studly work.

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School Is Starting!

It is August 31st! For a lot of you students out there, today is the day you started school! We hope you all have an absolutely fantastic year.

back to school

This post is a little different than some of the ones we have done in the past. Yes, we love video games and think they are so much fun and often even beneficial for you, BUT with this school year coming up, we highly encourage you all to focus on your studies and school work. We are not telling you not to play video games, that would be awful! We are simply encouraging you to get your work done before you go game it up.

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Halo 5

Pretty sweet trailer for the new Halo 5 isn’t it! There has ben a lot of noise in the gaming world about the new Halo 5 and if there is actually going to be one coming out, so we thought we would briefly talk about it! Halo 5 has a release date of October 27, so yes the game is very much so coming out. For all you gamers out there who love the Halo serious, just so you know Halo 5 is on pre-order as of now (remember only for Xbox One consoles). Here is the link to pre-order the game, we put it up to make it easier on you and because we love you!


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Playstation 4 vs Xbox One

For Y3 Zone’s first review, we thought we would discuss one of the most controversial topics in the gaming world. Ps4 or Xbox 360? That my friends is a tough questions. Before we get into it and break anything down, know that a lot of it is personal preference. There is no right or wrong console. There are pros and cons to both.

Ps4: The game library for the PS4 is pretty neck and neck with the Xbox One. Xbox has almost always had a better gaming library but PS4 has adopted many of their games. PS4 has the Xbox One beat in terms of graphics and picture. It offers a resolution of 1080p and has a processor with 8GB of RAM. The PS4 is smaller than the Xbox One and has more touch screen features. The controls are smaller but not as high quality feeling and are not as durable. It does happen to be $50 more expensive than the other console which is a down side. The PS4 offers many extra entertainment features and apps. It has all the significant apps and features such as Netflix, Youtube, and all the other big names. The only thing it has on Microsoft’s products in regards to Apps and Entertainments is that the Playstation carries Spotify.

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